Wednesday, July 6, 2011

When fear creeps in..

This week 1 of the women I know from chemo passed away and another woman who has been fighting
the same amount of time as I is in hospice. It seems like it wasn't that long ago, I was talking with them and they were both doing well. I say to myself, how can that be? Is that how it is going to be for me, here feeling great for now, and then just 1 day, I get sick and it is over. How can that be?? HOW CAN THAT BE!!? I am so sad about this. I just want to scream..  Am I fooling myself, am I in denial about what is probably inevitable?? I must stay strong for my family, I must.  May God give me the strength I need to to survive this damn disease.
Rest in Peace Barbara, I am praying for your family. Judy, I hope your last few days here are peaceful. I know there is a painless beautiful place waiting for you in heaven.  GOD BLESS!!!!!!!