Tuesday, August 14, 2012


1.  To be blessed by the perfect love of our lord.
2.  The love and patience of my husband.
3.  My sweet little boy and loyal old dog.
4.  My family
5.  My friends
6.  A strong body and mind that takes everything that this crazy cancir sends my way.
7.  Amazing doctors
8.  Jello , applesauce and gatorade.
9.  Nauseau meds
10. My Job

These are only a few.

Hello. I am so happy that I am able to post today. It has been a while. My trouble started around Jan. My new scans revealed that 1 of the previously radiated lesions in my brain had returned as well as 3 new small liver lesions. We radiated the brain lesion once again and it seemed to be ok for a few weeks. I wasn't feeling very well one day and started to run a fever. I thought that because my son was sick at the time that I had caught his virus. But noooo. nothing is ever that simple with cancir. I went to see my oncologist and discovered that I has neutropenic fever and was  quaratined at Halifax. They could not stop my vomiting so they scanned my brain again. The lesion that had been previously treated was growing  and closing off the ventricles in my brain. So I had to have a craniototomy. It wasn't so bad, but my motor skills were messed up for a while. They are getting better but I still have a few problems with left and right. It is taking me forever to type this. LOL, LOL!!!!  The GOOD NEWS is that the growing brain lesion was scar tissue, not more cancir. YAY!!!!!!!.

This was only the beginning of this drama I post part 2 later... The Liver Follies, brand new chemo and bald again.

Have a Blessed Day