Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cruising at a boring normal..

Since this is breast cancer awareness month I felt compelled to post. I haven't posted in a while, I really have no new news on the cansir front. I continue to be in remission which is AWESOME!!. If I didn't have to go to chemo every 3 weeks, I  would forget all about this damn cansir.   My hair is now about 3 inches long, I actually had a ponytail on the top the other day (( LOL!!!)  If I am feeling really brave I will post a picture of that later.
I really wanted to post this for everyone that has been touched by cansir. I feel so blessed and that I am one of the lucky ones so far. My prognosis was pretty grim in the beginning and when I was dx with brain mets, I though my whole world would come crashing down around me. But , it didn't, God continues to bless my life in so many ways.
I  am a new vegan, it is not too bad, I am actually enjoying, the challenge. My doctor said that I now have to lose all this weight, that I have gained since dx. Apparently, it can help me to stay in remission. I am planning on starting hot yoga in the next week or 2. My goodness I hope i don't have a hot flash and pass out in there.. LOL!!!!
So to all of you who are walking, running zumba-ing, fundraising, I am sending a big fat kiss your way.
Thank you..

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