Monday, January 23, 2012

Platelets, hemoglobin and walking 5 miles a day...

The past couple of weeks I have been walking 5 miles a day, for 5 days of the week with my friend Ally. It really makes me feel great. However at the same time, my bloodwork is coming back crazy. For the last 2 weeks I haven't been able to have chemo because of low blood platelets and hemoglobin. Platelets are produced in the bone marrow and control blood clotting, while hemoglobin and white blood cells fight infection. The thing that is so strange is that I feel great, you would think that I would be tired or something.
Anyway so I am back on massive greens and grains in hopes that it will start to straighten things out .Today I had to get a lovely neulasta shot,( which makes me feel like hell by the way ) to boost them back up.
Hopefully everything will be back in order by Tuesday so I can get my massive dosage of poison. Anyway, just a short post  to keep track of how I am.  Stay cool!!


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