Friday, April 12, 2013


Today is my 49th birthday and I have to say that I am so happy to be celebrating this one.I used to dread birthdays but now I am so greatful that God has allowed me this precious time. My 48th year was a rough one but I am feeling strong and hopeful. I just realized that since this cancir drama started, I have had approx. 56 chemo & targeted therapy treatments, 4 series of radiation tx to my brain, a craniotomy, 20 radiation tx to my thoracic & lumbar spine, radiation to my shoulder, 2 blood transfusions and have been in the hospital 7x this year. Wow. It looks scary when I write it all down. I didn't have any hair for a year this time, but now it is growing like crazy, curly and unruly. I am so happy to have hair. LOL!!! I try to pray and be thankful every day, I have been given a gift. I remember when I was first diagnosed. My husband was so sad and worried.I startrd to question the decisions I had made. I was so sad that I might not be here to witness Rocco's milestones in life. I worried that I wouldn't see him lose his first teeth. I made it though, he just lost his 1st one. All I could do was smile .. When Rocco was 3 years old, one day I was sick and cyying. and he put his little hands on my face and said " don't worry mommy it will all be ok". I believe that God hears our prayers .  He has answered a lot of mine. My wish for my 49th year is for peace , to be kinder and that I can use this time to glorify God in some way. I am looking and waiting for his request.
Love and Light..

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