Saturday, October 30, 2010

Steroids & Scary Thoughts,,

I will start this post by praising my wonderful husband. I cannot believe that he has put up with my pissy attitude. The doctors say my 2 new friends, my brain lesions are on the parietal lobes of my brain which is affecting my emotions and my spatial awareness.
so I guess I kind of have an excuse to be a biotch!!  Besides the spots,( I will call them spots, it sounds  so much better than  tumor.) I am on steroids to keep my brain swellling at a minmum until my surgery next week. My face has swelled up like a full moon. My knees are swollen, I feel like CRAP!!!!!! I am also having daily radiation treatments to my spine with my chemotherapy every 3 weeks. But I once again am determined to kick this cancer to the curb. it is not going to be as easy this time, but I have God with me and amazing little boy ,who I don't know what will happen to if he loses me and a husband that loves me so much that he wishes he could take this damn cancer into his own body. So I am armed and ready for battle. Come on cancer, you met your match.
I will not let you destroy my family.

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  1. OMG! I had no idea - I have no words to describe my shock! I am praying for you and please know that I love you and will be there for you always.