Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A story of Hope..

I just read an article from a woman named Katherine Russell Rich who is a 17 year survivor of metastatic breast cansir. Her story is one of hope. Some of what you are about to read comes from her book.  I am inspired and completely get what she is saying. So enjoy.
I deeply believe that there is no such thing as false hope: all hope is valid, even for people like me, even when hope would no longer appear to be sensible. Life itself isn't sensible. No one can say with ultimate authority what will happen with cansir ,a job that appears shaky or reversed fortunes .So you may as well seize all glimmers that appear.
Not to say that having stage 4 cansir is easy. It is tough, the waiting for scans, the pain, the drugs, the side effects, the not knowing what the future has in store for you. The dark days. Trying to plan for what might or might not happen. Some days I worry so much about what will happen to my family if this stuff decides to kill me. I try not to have too many days like that, but sometimes they just sneak up on me.
This past year I have had the joy of watching my sweet little boy, grow taller, get smarter ( he is so smart ) and learn how to talk . He is amazing. I also realized that my marriage is so strong and built on a foundation that only God has the strength to provide. I have a new appreciation for my family and friends. I am so excited about my work. I savor the opportunity to create someting beautiful for people that they will have for their lifetime.
I have new scans coming up on Feb 7, please say little prayer for me.
Wishing all of you blessed day. Do something today that makes you heart sing..

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