Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

I am writing this post today because it just occurred to me how we are all intertwined
in this journey of life.  As women we play so many roles day to day, we work, take  care of our children and families and try to be responsible for the happiness of so many others. Yesterday, my husband , son and I went to my studio to take a family portrait. It was very hard to get them to cooperate and to get good images on self timer, but it was fun and I think I will make it a yearly tradition. When we were viewing the images later on last night, the fun was all they remembered. How cool is that!!  As women we are powerful, God knew that, that is why women have the babies and the responsibilty of taking care of our families. As a photographer, I have witnessed this same scenario over and over, sometimes it is hard to get everyone together but in the end all that matters is is the laughter. I hope you all had a wonderful day..

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