Saturday, December 10, 2011

My vocabulary is getting larger..

It is amazing how many new words I am learning every week. They are not words I wanted to learn or words that I ever thought would apply to my own life, but just the same they are now a part of my every day
progression, radiation, necrosis, tumor, ca25,cansir markers, protein, taxol, herceptin, arimidex, adriamycin, , tamoxifen, carboplatin, tdm-1, nausea, constipation, diarrea, hair loss, secondary cansir, primary cansir,
zofran, steroids, pre-meds, prognosis, quality of life, cranial swelling, nuclear medicine cat scan, pet scan, muga scan, radiactive tracers, efficacy, drugs that work, but can cause that, drugs that don't work, but still cause that.. brain radiation., co pmts, tykerb, xeloda, blood brain barrier, what crosses it, what doesn't..take this not that!!!!!
Eye Yi Yi!!!!
I just want to drink beer , eat brownies and take a nap...

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