Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Did I mention that I have the most awesome cancer doctors on the planet? And the most awesome family & friends that  girl could ask for. Did I ever mention that I have placed all of my faith in God and that I know he will bring me through this stronger than ever before. Just in case I didn't here it is again..
I am embracing my situation, the radiosurgery is not going to be big deal, the tumors are very small  and I will walk out of there the same way I went in. I hope to be having my favorite white pizza & Bud light tommorrow night for dinner. If not, the Bud Light will be just fine too.
I am going to have my husband take a picture of me with my Silence of the Lambs mask on tommorrow.  I will post for all to see later on this weekend. LOL!!!
Sometimes, I think the cancer wants me to go crazy, but it is too late I already am. LOL!!!  So that said  F_ _K!!!! CANCER, you can't make me sad anymore.
Love ya all, I will keep you posted when I get back.. Keep the faith.

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